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c l u b  l a f a y e t t e , w o l v e r h a m p t o n.  1 9 7 8

These pictures were taken at Club Lafayette, Wolverhampton
on March 5th 1978, the third date of Whitesnake's debut tour.
"There were about 100 in an audience that included Ian Paice. David told me after his 2004 Wolverhampton concert that he remembered the 1978 show as the one where he put his fist through the ceiling! The stage was about 6" high. They had the lowest budget light show ever - a huge red light on the left, a green one on the right."Alan Perry.
(See also our digest version of Stargazer Issue 15).

All photographs Alan Perry. If you are interested in buying prints of Alan's concert photographs you can contact him via his website

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