Deep Purple
Atlantic City 2011

Deep Purple 2011

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Deep Purple 2011 Deep Purple 2011
Deep Purple 2011 Deep Purple 2011

"Another great show in Atlantic City. The last one was at the House of Blues in 2007. This year it was at the Tropicana. The crowd was made up mostly of older people and the venue was seats only so the atmosphere was a bit more "laid back" although towards the end some people (myself included) got out of their seats and rushed towards the stage.

The band played great. Ian Paice in particular seemed to be in great mood playing more flashy than usual and me being a drummer, I certainly enjoyed it. Ian Gillan's voice was also in great shape, although I wish they would drop Space Truckin'. I don't see any shame in dropping songs that the singer can't sing any more - there are plenty other songs that he still can sing that could be a welcome addition to the set list. Hard Lovin' Man was a personal highlight since I've never seen them play it live before, but truth be told, every song sounded fantastic. The song arrangements were not changed in any way to accommodate the orchestra. Hard Lovin' Man, Knocking At Your Back Door and Perfect Strangers sounded superb with orchestral backing! The orchestra added an interesting "colour" to the sound - songs seemed to sound more dramatic and grand. Hopefully it won't take another four years until they return to the USA for another tour."

Set list: 1. Highway Star 2. Hard Lovin' Man 3. Maybe I'm A Leo 4. Strange Kind Of Woman 5. Rapture Of The Deep 6. Woman From Tokyo 7. Contact Lost ~ Steve Morse Solo 8. When A Blind Man Cries 9. The Well-Dressed Guitar 10. Knocking At Your Back Door 11. Lazy 12. No One Came 13. Don Airey Solo ~ Perfect Strangers 14. Space Truckin' 15. Smoke On The Water. Encore : 16. Hush 17. Black Night.

Review, set lit sand photos: Nik Blonder

These pictures were taken in Atlantic City on 11 June 2011 during Deep Purple's orchestral tour.