Ashton - Lord / FIRST OF THE BIG BANDS / PUR 352 DLD

The album was begun in 1971, but not released until 1974. Lord and
Ashton had worked together before (most notably on the soundtrack for
The Last Rebel - currently on CD; PUR 309) but this was the first
time they set out to record a album together under their own names. A
single, Celebration, was issued in October 1972 (PUR 109). The b side
Sloeback remained a non-LP track.
More tracks were recorded in 1972 and 1973 at both Apple and Air
Studios and the album finally came out in August 1974.
The spirited blend of rock, swing, rhythm and blues worked well and
both main players enjoyed the experience. So much so that eventually
the project led to the formation of the group Paice Ashton Lord in 1976.
As well as the finished album there are a lot of masters left in the
archive which should yield some out-takes in the future. The album
was stripped of credits which led to much speculation as to who
played on what. There is a guide in the sleeve notes for this download.

1 - We're Gonna Make It
2 - Down Side Upside Down
3 - Band Of The Salvation Army
4 - Silly Boy
5 - Surrender Me
6 - Celebration
7 - I Been Lonely
8 - Shut Up
9 - Ballad Of Mr. Giver
10 - Sloeback (b-side)