Deep Purple Diacography
David Coverdale solo album.
Recorded (backings) Kingsway Aug 1976, (vocals) Musicland Sept 1976.

1. Lady / Blindman / Goldies Place / Whitesnake 2. Time On My Side / Peace Lovin' Man / Sunny Days / Hole In The Sky / Celebration.
CD bonus tracks: Peace Loving Man take 1 / Sunny Days take 1.

GREAT BRITAIN V1 : Purple TPS 3509 : May 1977
SS. Photo of Coverdale's head, snakeskin background. See photo. Record bag w. lyrics & pics. Prod. Roger Glover, who plays bass on some tracks.


GREAT BRITAIN : Purple TPS 3509 : May 1977
WHITE LABEL PROMO. Issued with LP size cover sheet giving advertising campaign details & pic off sleeve front + pink press sheet. See photo.

GREAT BRITAIN V2 : Connoisseur Records VSOP 118 : May 1988 2LP Gatefold sleeve, Whitesnake + Northwinds reissued on double LP set. Cover based on original sleeve art. Sleeve notes inside. See photo.

JAPAN : Polydor/Oyster MWF 1027 : 1977
SS as GB V1

All other vinyl editions substantially the same as Great Britain except:

CANADA : Attic LAT 1026 : 1977 SS. As GB V1 except front is embossed. Also issued in GERMANY (Polydor/Oyster 2391 272 : Feb 1977) with sticker 'Voice of Deep Purple'and FRANCE (Vogue LDA 20257 : Feb 1977) with sticker 'Lead singer of Deep Purple'.


GREAT BRITAIN : Connoisseur VSOP CD313 : 2000 single CD. Original album remastered plus two bonus tracks.
(see photo)

GREAT BRITAIN : Purple Records PUR 340D : 2003
2CD set Whitesnake & Northwinds plus all four bonus tracks.

French 'Whitesnake' single

Japanese 'Hole In The Sky' single


All in plain bags unless shown.

HOLE IN THE SKY / BLINDMAN, UK : Purple PUR 133 : May 77 Standard Purple label, no special bag. Demo label copies also printed. (see photo)

WHITESNAKE / HOLE IN THE SKY, FRANCE : Vogue 140244 : 1977 (see photo)

WHITESNAKE / HOLE IN THE SKY, JAPAN : Polydor/Oyster DWQ 6038 : 1977 (see photo)

LADY / WHITESNAKE, AUSTRALIA : Interfusion K 6895 : 1977





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