Deep Purple Diacography
David Coverdale solo album.
Recorded Air Studios 1977.

1. Northwinds / Keep On Giving Me Love / Give Me Kindness / Time & Again 2 Queen Of Hearts / Only My Soul / Say You Love Me / Breakdown. CD BONUS TRACKS Sweet Mistreater / Shame The Devil

Northwinds. Rejected artwork

Northwinds. Original Uk edition

GREAT BRITAIN V1 : Purple TPS 3513 : March 10th 1978 SS. Photo of moorland. Cover printed on textured card. See photo. Record bag with lyrics and pic of Coverdale. Glover produced and guested. Printers code G & L GL 7803.
(The original, rejected, artwork is pictured opposite).

GREAT BRITAIN V2 : Purple TPS 3513 : 1978 SS. As GB V1. Reprint is much more purple/pink, esp in sky. Printers code EDT 7803.

GREAT BRITAIN V3 : Purple TPS 3513 : 1982 SS. Even paler, printed on plain card. Northwinds was moved to second track on side one. Printers code G & L 8202.

GREAT BRITAIN V4 : FAME FA 413097.1 : April 1984 SS. As V3 with Fame logo top left & on label.


JAPAN : Polydor MPF 1178 : 1978 As GB V1 SS textured.

All other vinyl editions substantially the same except SPAIN (Purple 10C 064 060414) with Spanish title 'Vientos del Norte' added below UK title, and ARGENTINA (Fame EMI 51 1604 141 5314) with title in Spanish only. .


GREAT BRITAIN : Connoisseur VSOP CD314 : 2000 single CD Original album remastered plus two bonus tracks.

GREAT BRITAIN : Purple Records PUR 340D : to be released in 2003 2CD set Whitesnake & Northwinds plus all four bonus tracks. (See photo)





Some Northwinds tracks later surfaced on the album "Snakebite" (Discog to follow).


BREAKDOWN / ONLY MY SOUL UK : Purple PUR 136 : Feb 1978 Standard Purple label, no special bag. Demo label copies also printed.

BREAKDOWN / ONLY MY SOUL JAPAN : Polydor/Oyster DWQ 6087 : 1977 (see photo)

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