Deep Purple Diacography
Mk 2. Live tracks from the Albert Hall 1969, rest are studio 'rarities'
now all bonus tracks on
remastered albums.

NEW, LIVE & RARE (Vol 1)

1: Hush (live) / Painted Horse / Cry Free / Child In Time (live)
2: Strange Kind Of Woman / I'm Alone / When A Blind Man Cries
/ Wring That Neck (live)


JAPAN V1 : Trio TRSH 2009 : Dec 1980 LP. SS.
Colour pic of Mk 2. Lyric sheet. Track list duplicates POWERHOUSE with a few changes.

JAPAN CDV1 : Teichiku CD18DN-33 : July 1989 CD
See photo.


JAPAN CDV4 : VAP / Purple Records : Dec 2003 CD
Reissue in a new sleeve (see photo) with some tracks remastered.


JAPAN CDV2 : Teichiku 35DN-151 : Jan 1990 Gold CD
Teichiku issued many of their LP titles on CD in limited editions. The "Gold" CD had a gold coating and came in a card box (see photo).

Mk 2. Recorded live In Europe 1969 / 1970 / 1971 and USA 1971
+ in studio 1970

NEW, LIVE & RARE (Vol 2)

Wring That Neck (live) / Child In Time (live) / Black Night /
Strange Kind Of Woman (live) / Into The Fire (live) / Demon's Eye (live) / Wring That Neck (live edit)/ Mandrake Root (live edit)


UK : Sonic Zoom PUR 209 : Feb 2004 CD
Round-up of various media appearances from TV and radio. UK version issued as one of the Official Bootleg series (see photo).

JAPAN : VAP / Purple Records : Dec 2003 CD
As UK but Volume Two on front.

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