Deep purple Discography
Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light
Mk 2. Recorded Vermont USA May/June 1986. Charts:UK 10/US 34

1 Bad Attitude + 0.21 / The Unwritten Law + 0.19 /
Call Of The Wild / Mad Dog / Black & White + 0.55

2 Hard Lovin' Woman / Spanish Archer + 0.34 /
Strangeways + 1.41 / Mitzi Dupree / Dead Or Alive + 0.16
(Times refer to extra length on CD - see below)

Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, UK

GREAT BRITAIN V1 : Polydor POLH 32 :
Jan 12th 1987 SS LP
See photo. Record bag has colour pics + lyrics.

AMERICA : Mercury 8311 318 : Jan 1987
LP As above but with band photos on back of sleeve.

JAPAN : Polydor 28MM 0556 : Jan 1987
LP As USA. Lyric sheet & free poster in early copies.

Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, USSR

All other vinyl editions substantially same as Great Britain except ITALY (Polydor 831 318 : Jan 1987) which had CD length edits of Spanish Archer and Black & White. Strangeways was longer than on the normal LP but not the full CD version. I assume they were given the wrong master tapes (same happened in Argentina).

RUSSIA (Melody C60 27357 004 : 1988) had title in Russian across front & back (see photo). Slight sleeve variations exist, depending in which town the LP was manufactured. In SOUTH KOREA (POL SEL RHG 003 LP), Hard Loving Woman was left off.


Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, 1987 CD

Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, 1987 CD

GREAT BRITAIN : Polydor 831318.2 : Jan 12th 1987 CD

CD cover slightly different to LP (see photo), inlay photos also different to LP.

Longer versions of six tracks, extra times shown below (also see DTB #33).

Bad Attitude + 0.21
The Unwritten Law + 0.19
Black & White + 0.55
Spanish Archer + 0.34
Strangeways + 1.41
Dead Or Alive + 0.16

CD back black with titles skewed across (see photo).

Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, 1999 CD

GREAT BRITAIN : Polydor 546 162.2 : 1999 CD

Remastered version reverts to normal album length version due to mistake by American parent company. CD cover as per original album. Back is colour with titles in normal white type (see photo). So look for an original!

Deep Purple. House Of Blue Light, The Video Singles CDV


JAPAN : Polydor W18X2205 : 1988 CDV Compact Disc Video

Bad Attitude (video) + Black & White / The Unwritten Law / Strangeways (three audio only tracks).
Also issued in UK (Polydor 080-088-2 : 1988 CDV).

DEEP PURPLE THE VIDEO SINGLES : Channel 5 CFV 04182 : UK : 1987

VHS Promo videos for Bad Attitude / Call Of The Wild / Perfect Strangers / Knocking At Your Back Door / Nobdoy's Home (Hush later added).

JAPAN : VIDEOARTS VAL 3074 : 12" laser disc.

GREAT BRITAIN : Polygram 080 390-9 : 8" CD Video disc

As VHS but with Nobody's Home left off. (See photo).





LP Plain sleeve. Stickered 'Deep Purple The House Of Blue Light Interview Album'. 300 pressed. Interview w. Gillan, Lord, Paice and Glover done during Dec 1986 press conference (Montreux, Switzerland) by DJ Phil Easton.

OFF THE RECORD SPECIAL Show 87:18 America Westwood One airdate 4.27.87:USA:87 LP

Edited tracks from new LP and before plus interview from above.