Deep Purple Discography
Deep Purple. Fireball
Mk 2. Recorded between September 1970 / May 1971, De Lane Lea & Olympic studios.
Charts : UK 1/ US 32.

1 Fireball / No No No / Demon's Eye / Anyone's Daughter
2 The Mule / Fools / No One Came
CD BONUS TRACKS: Strange Kind Of Woman / I'm Alone / Freedom / Slow Train / Demon's Eye [remix] / The Noise Abatement Society Tapes [out-take] / Fireball [instrumental out-take] / Backwards Piano [out-take] / No One Came [remix]

Deep Purple. Fireball UK

Deep Purple. Fireball UK Lyrics

Deep Purple. Fireball UK Picture Disc


GREAT BRITAIN V1 : Harvest SHVL 793 : September 1971 DS
(see photo, click to enlarge) Inner gatefold has five b/w live photos. Textured card. Double sided lyric sheet (see photo).

GREAT BRITAIN V2 : Harvest SHVL 793 : 197- DS
As V1 but paler. Inner gatefold smooth card.

GREAT BRITAIN V3 : EMI FAME FA 4130931 : 1984 SS
Single sleeve. Fame logo top right.

GREAT BRITAIN V4 : EMI EJ 26 03440 : February 1985 Picture disc
(see photo). Issued with free poster.

GREAT BRITAIN V5 : EMI EMS 1255 : December 1987 SS
As V3 without FAME logo.

GREAT BRITAIN V6 : EMI DEEPP 2: 1996 2LP Based on 25th Anniversary CD (see below). Gatefold sleeve. CD art on inner bags. Black vinyl 4,000 ltd. ed. Early copies came with numbered print.

Deep Purple. Fireball, USA

Deep Purple. Fireball USA Lyrics

AMERICA V1 : Warner Brothers BS 2564 : August 1971. DS
As UK. B/w lyric sheet inside (see photo). *Strange Kind Of Woman replaced Demon's Eye.

Promo copies have sticker with info on (see photo)

Deep Purple. Fireball Japan

JAPAN V1 : Warner Brothers P 8092W : 1971

JAPAN V2 : Warner Brothers P 10109W : 1975 As Japan V1 (see photo)

CANADA : Warner Brothers BS 2564Q : 1971 DS

Deep Purple. Fireball Greece

All other vinyl editions substantially the same as Great Britain except:

GERMANY (Harvest Club Sonderflage 28.643.5 : 1971)
Special edition by mail order company with their own cat no. on front and German text inside.

GREECE (Harvest SHVL 793 : 1971)
single sleeve, front as UK, back has photos from UK inner gatefold added (see photo - a worn sleeve!).

Deep Purple. Fireball, South Korea

Deep Purple. Fireball, South Korea

There were a number of pirate editions in Korea until they went legitimate with:

KOREA (EMI EKPL 0294 : 19--),
single sleeve with different back and large name on front (see photo).

Deep Purple. Fireball, Russia

There was also a pirate edition in:

RUSSIA (Antrop 00541 : 1993)
with a different back sleeve (see photo)

Deep Purple. Fireball, UK Remaster


UK : EMI CD DEEPP 1 : 1996

25th Anniversary CD edition. Textured card slipcase + extended booklet. CD included Abbey Road remastered version of complete album plus out-takes and some tracks remixed from the original multi-tracks (see photo). This edition was also issued in America and Japan.

This cd is available from the dpas online store

Deep Purple. Fireball, CD Promo


JAPAN : Warner Bros. WPCR 1565 : April 1998

Issued in miniature card reproduction album sleeve (limited edition)

GREAT BRITAIN : EMI CDADV100 : 1996 Promotional edition, no cover, special label (see photo)


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