Deep Purple Diacography
Recorded UK studios between 1971 and 1974

1/ We’re Gonna Make It 2/ Downside Upside Down 3/ Band Of The Salvation Army 4/ Silly Boy 5/ Surrender Me 6/ Celebration 7/ I Been Lonely 8/ Shut Up 9/ Ballad Of Mr. Giver

German single, 1974
Spanish single 1974

The recording of the album

The album was begun in October 1971 at Apple Studios as a projected single - We're Gonna Make It . They had such fun they decided to get together and do a whole album. Sessions took place at Air in 1971 and 1972, De Lane Lea in 1972 and Island in 1973, with return visits to Air and Apple at later dates for mixing down. Ashton and Lord wanted to create the feel of a big band in the studio, so had up to 15 musicians in at any one time, and usually worked with two drummers, guitars, brass, keyboards and backing vocals.

The album appears to have been largely finished by 1973 but delayed until 1974 to avoid confusing the market during the line-up changes in Deep Purple. It seems likely that more work was done during this time but tape logs no longer survive.

When the album finally emerged, it was decided not to credit any of the musicians to avoid any possible contractural problems. A complete list of players has never been published.

We can confirm Roy Dyke, Terry Cox, Gerry Conway on drums, Caleb Quaye, Mick Grabham, Mick Liber on guitar. Also named but tracks not identified are Peter Frampton, Ron Wood (who may have just played on the first session), B.J. Cole, Howie Casey, Dave Caswell and Cozy Powell. Ian Paice probably plays on one track. Drummer Barry and guitarists Jim and Colin are named on tapes but we have no surname yet.

Ashton & Lord - First Of The Big Bands


GREAT BRITAIN : Purple TPS 3507 : August 1974
Single sleeve. Photo Lord and Ashton. All other vinyl substantially the same


GERMANY : Line LILP 400119 : 1982 SS as GB
Reissue pressed in white vinyl.

Celebration single - Purple Records


Briefly issued on CD back in 1985 by Line in Germany. It was reissued in 2009 in USA but just the 9 track album version. A non-album track Sloeback was first released on CD on the Purple People reissue in 2004.

The remastered and expanded CD edition is due out in 2010 on Purple Records.

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