Deep Purple Discography
Knebworth 85
Recorded : Live At The
Knebworth Festival, UK
June 22nd 1985.

1 - Highway Star / Nobody's Home / Strange Kind Of Woman / Gypsy's Kiss / Perfect Strangers + Lazy / Knocking At Your Back Door. 2 - Difficult To Cure + Space Truckin' / Speed King /
Black Night / Smoke On The Water

GB : Connoisseur DP VSOP CD 163 : July 1991 2CD GB : Connoisseur DP VSOP LP 163 : July 1991 2LP GB : Connoisseur DP VSOP MC 163 : July 1991 Issued via a special agreement between Connoisseur, the BBC and Thames Talent. Contains the show as recorded by the BBC for broadcast on the Friday Rock Show during 1985. WOMAN FROM TOKYO was taped but missing when the set was assembled. UNDER THE GUN is also missing, it may not have been taped. LAZY was also missing but restored from a bootleg of the original broadcast.

Original CDs had a black and pink label, but an audio flaw during SPEED KING. This was rectified on second pressings, which had an all black label print. Mistakes by the repro house resulted in sleeve notes appearing twice on the CD brochure.

The 2LP set was issued in a gatefold sleeve. Originally the record bags were to have featured pics from the show, these were cancelled for budget reasons. There were also six white label test copies made of the vinyl edition.

The set was not issued officially outside the UK.
Details DTB 42.

2003 DPAS/Darker Than Blue.
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