Hyde House, Nursery Gardens, Purley

Deep Purple History:  Ian Gillan's home from 1971 until around 1983.

The Details:  Seemingly newly built when Ian Gillan moved in (possibly in the grounds of an older property), Ian lived here throughout his time with Deep Purple and Gillan Band days, only moving shortly before the reunion.

Today:  The house is little changed externally, it is still a private residence.

Getting there:  "Nursery Gardens is just off the main A329 Reading to Pangbourne road in Purley on Thames. It is accessed by turning to the north along Purley Lane at the traffic lights in the middle of Purley and then turning left just before the bridge over the railway. By train, travel to Tilehurst (first stop for local trains on the main line west from Reading). The station exits on to the A329 - turn right and walk for about a mile to get to the traffic lights, bearing right at the roundabout about half way along the way. Buses also go along this road, check for details at the station." Matthew Kean

Thanks to Lorrainne Pickering for the recent pictures.

The early picture shows Ian Gillan outside his house
(with a cup of tea) in 1971.

DPAS Archive collection.

Ian Gillan 1971, click to enlarge

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